Management (BA)

Management (BA)

Undergraduate Programs

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Degree Overview

August, October, January and March

Starting Dates:


3 to 4 years, dependent on high school diploma

Application Requirements:

+ High School Diploma

+ Min GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 Scale

+ English Proficiency

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Program Description

Management (BA)

Management is the ability to effectively coordinate people and resources to achieve the goals of an organization. The knowledge and skills acquired through the Bachelor of Arts in Management and the exploration of all aspects of managerial work and decision-making provide the student with the necessary insights and tools to direct the flow of information, people and materials in a company.

Program Descriptions

Management with an emphasis in International Business (BA):

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Management with an emphasis in International Business degree covers all aspects of management with a special focus on the complexities of leading people and directing an organization’s resources in a global setting. Topics include the dynamics of globalization, the organization and strategic planning of multinational and transnational organizations, foreign subsidiary coordination and control, and special human resource issues such as cross-cultural management and expatriate employees. Time is given to all aspects of marketing for foreign markets. Students will also receive a sound understanding of what economic forces drive international markets and the complexities they will face dealing with trade barriers, issues of standardization and adaptation, foreign exchange markets, and more.

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Successful graduates of this program will be able to:

Learning Outcomes:

Synthesize and integrate important concepts, principles, and theories used in management into solutions to moderately complex management problems.

Explain the important terminology, facts, concepts, principles, analytic techniques and theories used in management.

Identify and apply appropriate terminology, facts, concepts, principles, analytic techniques and theories used in management when analyzing moderately complex situations.

Why Study Management at Webster Vienna Private University?

Gaining a sound understanding of management will be indispensable for a future career in a variety of business fields. Personal skills such as the ability to think analytically, solve problems, communicate effectively and lead others will make the difference between success and failure in an increasingly competitive global business arena.

It is not only a Webster education that will set apart our students from the competition. Alumni are part of a lifelong global Webster Vienna Private University network – whether it is through the student associations joined, the international friendships and contacts built or the student and the alumni services offered.

How Long Will it Take?

A bachelor’s degree consists of 128 US credits. Most students take four years to complete their undergraduate degree. However, Webster may award up to 32 credits of advanced standing for a variety of international curriculum including A levels, IB, AP, VWO, Abitur, and French BAC.

Anastasiia (Ukraine) - Management (BA)

Successful managers are required to think critically and creatively in a constantly changing business environment. To be ready for these challenges, students will need the ability to analyze management issues and make decisive problem-solving contributions. The BA in Management program at Webster Vienna Private University will prepare for such challenges.

Dr. Nikolaos Antonakakis, Head of the Business and Management Department

Loren (Mexico)

Media Communications (BA)

Dr. Nikolaos Antonakakis,

Head of the Business and Management Department

Students learn to explore the ways humans use media and technology to express themselves, as well as how communications technologies affect individuals and groups. Soon after beginning the program, students learn to interpret media messages, communicate effectively in a range of diverse contexts, demonstrate creative problem solving, and exhibit professional knowledge and skills making them a valuable asset to professional markets. Students take a set of required courses in media theory, history, writing and production, and then select a 12-hour concentration in public relations, film studies, or upper-level media communications.

When I was looking for a university, I did not know yet what I want to study and who I would like to become in life. I chose WVPU, because it is an institution which offers a degree composed of multiple fields of knowledge, through which students can explore all of their interests and be prepared for their future career.

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