Psychology (MA)

Psychology (MA)

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Degree Overview


Starting Dates:


2 years

Application Requirements:

+ Min. GPA of 3 on a 4.0 scale

+ English Proficiency

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Program Description

The mission of the MA program in Psychology with an emphasis in Counseling Psychology is to provide its students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become competent in counseling psychology through academic and experiential learning. The program aims at educating future psychologists who have sound knowledge of the theory and practice of counseling psychology, who are competent consumers and creative producers of social science and psychological research, who are competent in counseling practice, and who are ethical and sensitive to the cultures, values, and worlds of various clients. Viewing research and practice as interdependent and mutually supporting, the MA in Psychology with an emphasis in Counseling Psychology is based on the scientist-practitioner training model.

The program is committed both to (1) preparing counseling psychologists for advanced doctoral studies in psychology and to (2) providing training and experience that prepare students for practice. The goal is to train psychologists who have a sound knowledge of the bases of counseling and psychotherapy. Adopting a multicultural perspective, the program also emphasizes the importance of multicultural competence in both research and practice.

Program Descriptions

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Successful graduates of this program will learn to:

Learning Outcomes:

• Demonstrate knowledge of key subfields and theories of international relations as a discipline.

• Interact with top institutions and their constituents within the international relations field.

• Analyze international issues from global and varied perspectives.

• Display familiarity and expertise in foreign relations.

You are ideally prepared for any PhD Program

You become a Psychologist

You gain the communicative skills needed for many profession (because communication is crucial to all disciplines that involve contacts with other people)

You get the Propädeutikum certificate, which is the first important step to become a psychotherapist in Austria

Why Study International Relations at Webster Vienna?

As a psychology student at Webster, you will have the opportunity to study specific issues, theories and science of the discipline and also attain an understanding of the complexity and diversity of human behavior. All the while, we will give you access to our cutting-edge laboratory with the latest technologies.

How Long Will it Take?

2 years

Henrietta Pikovski (USA.), Counseling Psychology (MA)

After a solid training in Zoological Neurophysiology on a single neuron level (spider eye photoreceptors) Prof. Dr. Walla started to focus on human memory functions by utilizing brain imaging methods with high temporal resolution. Various abroad visiting research (Japan, Scotland, Australia) at renowned Universities strengthened his education in Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience and gave him the essential skills and expertise to get his PhD awarded plus two further postdoctoral degrees, one in Cognitive Neurobiology (Habilitation at the Vienna Medical University) and the other in Biological Psychology (Habilitation at the Vienna University). He is known for his passion to teach and for doing research and he is a great mentor to students.

Dr. Peter Walla, Head of the Psychology Department

Loren (Mexico)

Media Communications (BA)

Loren (Mexico), Media Communications (BA)

On her internship experience in Organizational Psychology at vieconsult. Being an English-speaking psychology student in Vienna, with an interest in Organizational psychology, I am very grateful to the Career Development Center for helping me find an interesting internship. The internship at vieconsult brought me insights into organizational research and organizational consulting. The international environment was perfect for me and I very much enjoyed working for some of Austria's leading companies. After my theoretical knowledge from Webster University, I was pleased to receive a practical experience during my internship. I developed skills in projects where I worked with empirical survey instruments, participated in customer-related meetings, and took part in workshops. At vieconsult, I worked in an inspiring environment with a great team of positive and highly competent professionals. By the end of the internship, I was offered to continue working as an employee which was the beginning of my career.

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