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Degree Overview

August, October, January and March

Starting Dates:


3 to 4 years, dependent on high school diploma

Application Requirements:

+ High School Diploma

+ Min GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 Scale

+ English Proficiency

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Program Description

The undergraduate Strategic Communication (BA) degree program emphasizes workforce readiness skills necessary for leadership positions in advertising, public relations, promotions, campaigns, corporate communication, and more.

The degree program combines knowledge management, public relations, problem-solving, negotiation, leadership, persuasive communication, corporate and crisis communication, promotions, and communication campaigns for graduates to apply in workforce situations. This degree includes a total of 240 ECTS. Students complete a required thesis prior to the completion of the program. Graduates can expect to work in organizational and corporate communication, promotional campaigns, public relations, media consultation, digital messaging, social media, and more.

Program Descriptions

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Successful graduates of this program will be able to:

Learning Outcomes:

Apply the acquired knowledge, skills, and research methods to the completion of an original thesis in strategic communication.

Gain exposure to global connectivity and interactivity through the exploration of corporate, social and political environments across borders.

Apply current communication and media technologies to address clients’ problems related to advocacy and/or reputation management.

Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental theories and ethical best practices of strategic communication.

Why Study Strategic Communication at Webster Vienna?

You will use strategic writing and message creation, research, audience analysis, persuasion, and new/social media skills as you undertake careers in nearly any industry in which organizations have a need to create communication strategies to serve their constituents. The Strategic Communication (BA) degree program emphasizes the communicative practices within and among organizations and their constituencies.

How Long Will it Take?

This degree includes a total of 240 ECTS. Most students take four years to complete their undergraduate degree. However, Webster may award up to 32 credits of advanced standing for a variety of international curriculum including A levels, IB, AP, VWO, Abitur, and French BAC.

Loren (Mexico), Media Communications (BA)

In a world where attention increasingly becomes a commodity, so too grows the demand for those skilled in raising awareness, constructing a narrative, and using media to purposefully and therefore also strategically communicate in order to fulfill an organization’s mission. A policy, promotion, or campaign that is based on strategic communication is one defined with an understanding of how persuasion, rhetoric, ethics, and writing for specific and also general audiences can be used tactically as part of a larger strategy. A strategic view of communication means a purposeful use of communications media to fulfill an organization’s mission (whether large corporate or political organizations or more community-based grassroots entities).

Dr. Bradley E. Wiggins, Head of the Media Communications Department

Loren (Mexico)

Media Communications (BA)

Loren (Mexico), Media Communications (BA)

I chose to study Media Communications at Webster Vienna because of the practical work experience that the professors have in their fields. In the classroom we are not only learning theory, we are also expected to put knowledge into practice and create our own projects. This complementary approach to learning has allowed me to explore many areas in media communications and equip me with a set of skills that will be useful in any career path that I choose in the future.

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